Gingerbread Houses


Christmas is always a magical time of year in the art room. Kids seem to vibrate with excitement for the coming holiday and teachers are desperate for the arrival of a much deserved vacation! No matter how much prep and planning I do before this last week, I never seem to have a minute to breath!

My art room fills with the warm smell of hot glue and glitter glistens on every surface. A chaotic yet magical sight to behold. I like to do a festive lesson with each grade. For my little kindergartners, this year we made gingerbread houses! The kids LOVED making these and were so excited to bring them home.

What you need:


  • Pre-Cut gingerbread houses
  • Give each student a black or dark-colored color pencil


Let’s get started

Step One:

To begin I draw a gingerbread on my smart board. I walk my students through drawing a door, window, window panes, the edge of the roof, bricks on the chimney, icicles, Christmas lights… From there I set my students free to decorate their house using colored pencils. My favorite part is coloring the windows yellow so that it looks like someone’s home!


Step  Two:

Set out a couple of Elmer’s glue bottles and a tray of goodies on each table. I tell my students that they can each chose 5 or 6 things from the tray… otherwise these would end up covered in jewels! Also limiting the amount makes the kids more thoughtful about placement and selection. I always make a point (no matter what age group I’m working with) to remind my students about using a tiny dot of glue, smaller than a pea!


Step Three:

Place a cup with a bit of white tempera paint on each table. Give students a half of a Q-tip and show how to dot and drag paint!

I hope your students’ enjoy and that you have a happy and restful holiday! Have fun!

Student Examples: