First Week of School Creative Creatures


During the first week of school I like to do a school-wide, collaborative project. Each year I chose a lesson that will take only one hour-long class period and will make for a fun, colorful bulletin board.

This year I decided to go with the theme of my blog: Creative Creatures. After all that is what my students are! Creative little creatures who love to innovate and make art.

What you need:

  • Colorful construction paper- my favorite brand is blick construction paper.
  • Glue sticks– my favorite brand is UHU Glue Sticks. Seriously, these things are THE best. They last long and actually keep things glued together which is a rare find for a glue stick.
  • Scissors– my kids love ‘silly scissors’ -these come in a convenient little holder that makes it so easy!

Let’s get started!

I introduce this project by excitedly telling my students that they are going to be inventing their own, new animal species! It can have 6 legs or six eyes, can be slimy, fuzzy, chubby or skinny. Our goal is to make them as colorful as possible. I insist on one thing: I want everyone to make an eye that is made up of a white, circle eyeball with a colored iris and a black pupil. This will give all of our creatures a cute, cartoony look!

Here is how my bulletin came out! I love the colors. Everyone who enters my art room tells me how much they adore it. Enjoy!