Optical Illusion Pencil Drawing


Looking for a fun way to draw the creativity out of your students? This is the project! When I walk around the classroom with a bin full of THE most random items… My students get very excited! I told them to reach in and pick something. A pair of needle nose pliers, a nail, a seashell, a hole puncher, a staple remover, a skeleton key… Random objects that I found lying around my classroom or hiding in the depths of my closet of requirement, (Seems like anytime I need something it magically appears in there!).

The prompt: Make a drawing that transforms your object into something new!

They love the challenge. Some struggle to decide what to draw, but classmates are usually quick to help each other with ideas.


What you need:




When I give a demonstration I call everyone over to stand around a table. I sit and work and talk my students through my artistic process. With drawing, I try to be very descriptive, “Now I am drawing this shadow”, “See this highlight right here?”Constantly  trying to open their eyes to those tiny details, looking back and forth from my object to my drawing.” Checking to make sure that I am drawing what I see rather than what I know.”


Drawing from observation is one of my favorites to teach and to do for my own artwork. I love the process of drawing what I am seeing and I love to teach my students this skill!