Lichtenstein Selfies


Every lesson I teach encompasses one key element of understanding and producing art: Creativity, practice of a new skill or medium, or introducing an artist.

This lesson, which is the favorite of most of my kiddos, is inspired by Roy Lichtenstein. Lichtenstein was a 60’s artist who made a drastic impression on the Pop Art movement. He was inspired by the dramatic (who better to be dramatic than 7th graders!?), stereo-typically fake, front put on by advertisements and the current pop-art community.58-5891-6xepg00z

We view and discuss Lichtenstein’s artwork and create a portrait of their own using pointillism. Their portraits are be inspired by Lichtenstein’s storytelling capabilities as they will mimic the simple portrait with a dramatic pose and speech bubble. This lesson is so fun and every one comes out great! Because we use a tracing technique, the portraits end up looking very accurate!


What you need:

Let’s get started!

Step 1:

Start by taping your photo onto a piece of drawing paper. Be sure to tape the top and bottom! Do not remove until the end OR ELSE. Using a dull pencil draw firmly over all features. I check each one to make sure that every detail has been traced and that they pushed hard enough. Eyes, pupils, chins, hair… Then they can remove the photo. You should be able to see indented lines that they can then re-trace with pencil.

Step 2:

Once fully traced, go over lines with a chubby sharpie.

Step 3:

Take a ruler and make rows of dots for color! I tell my students that they can fill in one part of their picture with solid color.

My students’ spent the whole class laughing about their quotes and seem to thoroughly enjoy this project year after year! Have fun 🙂

Student Examples: