Abstract Painted Paper Collage


By far my favorite project for 7th Grade, is my abstract painted paper project. It’s easy, it takes up approximately 3-4 art classes, it involves critical & abstract thinking, and best of all many students told me this was their favorite lesson of the year!



What you need:


Let’s get started!


Step One:

I begin this lesson by handing each student a piece of white 9×12 poster board. I explain that they can use acrylic paint to paint the paper whatever colors, in whatever way they want. They are not to paint a picture, but to just have fun and paint (which they love to hear… yay! an hour of playing with paint!) Also you don’t want to leave any blank space on the paper.


It is so interesting to see how incredibly different the paintings become! Every student paints in such a unique way! They end up being quiet representative of my students’ unique personalities.



Step Two:

Once all that paint is dry, I instruct my students that they are going to cut the paper into whatever shapes they want and will arrange them in whatever way they want. They can have between 1 and 3 different shapes.

Watching my 7th graders work on this project is so inspiring!

I can see why paper cutting is thought to be very therapeutic as so many kids said, “Mrs. Koul! This is so relaxing!”

I hope your students enjoy this as much as mine! Please comment and let me know if you try this project, have fun!


Student Examples: