Beanie Baby Drawings


Drawing from observation is a great skill to teach and kids will feel challenged and engaged throughout the whole lesson! This project is fun because it combines observational drawing, creativity, and every 90’s kid’s must have toy… Beanie Babies! Memberrrrrr Beanie Babies!? Memberrrr? 😀

Anyways… Unfortunately for this project you must already possess a bunch of beanie babies. Hopefully you or your mom kept some! Lucky for me a coworker had a ton. Really you can use any kid’s toys for this though!

What you need:

Let’s get started!

Step 1:

Begin by letting kids chose a Beanie Baby or toy and setting it in a certain pose on their desk.

Step 2:

I sit down and have my students gather around me for a drawing demo. I talk while I draw about my process; I am constantly looking back from the object to the paper, start drawing very lightly with loose, sketchy lines. Make sure to draw big, almost filling the paper.


Step 3:

I circulate and make sure everyone’s drawing big and help where needed. “I think his head is bigger…” “Her ears really go like this…” I am honest but kind with my words and remind the kids to draw what they see rather than what they think.


Step 4:

Once done drawing the outline I do a shading demo. I show how to look at each part of the object and look for subtle changes in shading, highlights, lowlights, and shadows. You will be surprised how quickly your students pick this up!

Step 5:

When the Beanie is totally done they create a background of their choosing! Look how creative these became! Have fun! 🙂

Student Examples: