Snowy Christmas Houses


When Christmas rolls around I love to break out the glitter and make some sweet, holiday crafts! For me, each grade has it’s designated Christmas craft. This one, is by far the coziest lesson that I teach… These little houses are legit the CUTEST! The creativity and individuality involved in creating these little guys make this my favorite holiday lesson.

What you need:

Let’s Get Started!


Make a template. On a piece of card-stock, use a ruler to measure and draw your template. The side walls should be 3×3″ with 3×5″ peak-front walls, then a one inch tab. This design is quite simple to make! After making the first template, trace it onto several pieces of card stock. I make 2 templates per table.


Step One:

Have students’ trace the template onto construction paper and cut out. Once cut, draw the lines where the house will be folded; this will help them visualize where to draw doors and windows.

Step Two:

Using a sharpie, draw all of your details. I demonstrate how to draw some doors and windows and show how to add window panes, wreaths, Christmas lights and then let the kids come up with their own ideas! Once done, color with colored pencils. I love how bright the colored pencils look on construction paper, especially the white snow!


Step Three:

Once the house is fully colored and has plenty of detail, I tell my kids to fold on the lines and use a glue stick to glue the tab inside the opposite end and bring their house to me. Using a hot-glue gun, I glue the house to the base, hot glue the roof onto the house by folding a 3.5×6″ piece of paper in half and adding two dabs of glue to the corners. It takes a minute of holding it there to dry before I re-enforce the roof with more glue. Once cool, give them back to the student for finishing touches.


Step Four:

Decorate! I set up a table with cotton balls, and glitter. I only allow 3 cotton balls per person… Once stretched, they go a long way! I find that with glitter, the less glue you use the better!

Have Fun!

Student Examples: