Fashion Penguins


When the snow starts to piles up outside of my snowy New Hampshire classroom, I know that it is time to break out the fabric scraps for fashion penguins. I mean really? Penguins wearing clothes? So cute! My second graders love this project. It is a multi-media lesson that is fun, cheery and incorporates tons of creativity!

What you need:

Let’s get started!

Step One:

Make your penguin!

This part is pretty straight forward:

Cut out a big upside down ‘U’ out of your black paper for your body.

Cut a smaller white upside down ‘U’ for the belly.

Using your black scraps, cut two, long “D” shapes for wings.

Using white scraps cut two circles for eyes and two black circles for pupils.

For your beak, fold your smaller orange paper in half, cut out a triangle making sure that the bottom of the triangle is on the fold.

With your other orange paper, draw a three pronged crown shape to make your feet!

Glue all your pieces together to make your cute little guy!


Step Two:

Paint your background. I set a tray of tempera patties on each table, two cups of water and give my students full creative license over their background. We brainstorm some ideas and then I set them free!

Step Three:

Make your iceberg! This little iceberg grounds our penguin so he isn’t floating aimlessly on our paper. On my smart board I show step by step how to draw one. Start with a long squiggly circle, then add straight lines down from the farthest points of the iceberg, next try to mimic the same squigglyness as the top of the iceberg. For shading, take a finger and smudge the bottom of the squiggle-circle downwards. Then cut and whoa, iceberg! Now glue onto your paper with your penguin sitting on top.

Step Four: 

Clothe that penguin! You don’t want your penguin to leave the house undressed, do you!? On my smartboard I draw simplified versions of possible winter clothing items. I let me students have at my unruly pile of fabric bits and these things take on a personality of their own!

Have fun!

Student Examples: