Valentines Day Doily Hearts


I tend to save the Valentine’s Day lessons for my little guys. Most of my middle schoolers would rather the day not exist at all. My first grade students however, are thrilled when I introduce this lesson! It is a simple, fun little lesson that even includes a bit of magic!

What you need:

Let’s get started!

Step One:

Pull up a picture of a doily! Begin with a small heart in the middle of your paper, and then add one layer around your heart at a time. I use polka dots, more hearts, lines, squiggles, petals… When using your white oil pastel on your paper it will be slightly difficult to see what you are doing, make sure to push down hard and move slowly as you cannot erase. Remind little ones not to smudge them with their hands.


Step Two:

This is where the magic happens! Get your paintbrush very wet, dip once or twice in your watercolor paints, hold your brush so that it is almost on its side and swipe your paint over your designs! Oil pastels resist the watercolor and your paint should jump right over your lines. This process blows kids minds! If they are having trouble seeing their details, add more water and use less paint.


Step Three:

Cut out your heart!

Step Four:

I let my students grab whichever color construction paper they want and help them glue their hearts in the middle. I love how excited they are to give their Valentines to their moms and dads!

Have fun!

Student Examples: