Snow Globe Ornaments


As you can probably tell, Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. I love the sight of snow outside of my classroom windows and playing holiday music on Pandora always makes my students extra cheery! With the holiday vacations’ fast approach I am sure to schedule a fun, little craft for every grade. This one is one of my favorites and my first graders with older siblings look forward to it all year! Making these little snow globes is tedious, and slightly time consuming but they are totally worth it and I always seem to get them done in one class period just in time to send home for the holidays!

What you need: 


  • Stretch cotton balls out slowly to make snow for the bottom of your snow-globe. I use one per globe.
  • Trace the bottoms of solo cups onto your white poster-board  and cut them out.
  • Hot glue a stretched cotton ball to the paper circle.
  • Cut red, green and white papers to size approximately 2×2″-so their figurines fit in the cup.
  • Put Reference photos and colored pencils along with piles of cut colored paper on each table.

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Let’s get started!

Step One:

It all begins with a snow-globe. If you have one to show off, great! I don’t… so we look at a few pictures of them on my smart board and discuss some things that might look nice in one. On my reference sheet that I place on each table I put a cartoon picture of a snowman, Christmas tree, Santa, candy cane, and other holiday themed items! I instruct that I would like for each student to draw at least three things. They can use any color of paper they like, green for example is nice to use for a Christmas tree… I demonstrate how to fill the tiny piece of paper with a nice, line drawing, I suggest using black or a dark color to draw with at first… Then color in with colored pencils.

Step Two:

Once three or four things have been drawn, the kids are told to cut out each one very carefully.

Step Three:

Flip over and re-draw and color the back. Ornaments tend to turn on the tree and must be view-able at all angles.

Step Four:

When everyone is finished I tell them to line up near me (tell them to triple check that the front AND back have been nicely colored…) while I sit with my glue gun at the ready. I tell each child to give me their items, I write their name on the bottom of a base, let them chose a glitter color and I sprinkle some on their cotton and put it to the side. This way they are all stacked and ready in case class ends before I finish putting them all together! Those who are done help clean up or free draw.

Step Five:

Fold a tiny bit of the bottom up on each item to create a tab that you can hot glue to the cotton. I try to organize them in a cute way so all are visible.

Step Six:

Hot glue the rim of the cup quickly and then stick it onto the bottom. It’s OK if a little cotton sticks out… Actually I kind of like it!

Step Seven: 

Take a bit of ribbon, put the ends in a bead, add hot glue and stick it onto the top of the cup!

Yay! You’re done! Have fun!